Journal 5/19/22 — Faith

The word that keeps popping up in my head the last few days is FAITH.

For the people who believe in God, faith is trusting in Him in all circumstances.

For the people who believe in a more significant cause, faith knows that the cause will help many people.

But what is faith to an entrepreneur? Or someone who is starting a business?

Is faith just the full belief that their business is going to succeed? Is faith something like knowing that the business that we are building is going to help many people? Is faith a level of trust that God will help you get through the journey and your work will be seen by the people who care about what we have.

The picture here shows the dictionary definition of faith.

And the first definition is loyalty and good intention.

Just make us think… Maybe what we must have first before the trust and before the belief is to have good intentions and loyalty to the people.



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