Power of Creating ANYTHING

Let’s post something helpful now instead of just my daily thoughts about myself.

Because let’s face it, you don’t really care, and I don’t really expect you to.

But I will continue to do it because it is something that gives me the power in the morning to create, to provide for the world a little piece of me.

I don’t do it for attention, for fame, or for money. And you should not be posting things for those either. Those are just some things that come along when you continue to create content that brings value to the world.

To start, ANYTHING is better than NOTHING. Because at this point, anything is going to get you started to do the things that you need to do to start creating content that is helpful for people every day.

So I encourage you, to start. Create ANYTHING. Say WHATEVER. With just 1 disclaimer — create something that is going to help the world move forward.

Much love. You got this.




Greatness is inspiring someone, who in turn inspires others

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Edward Liu

Edward Liu

Greatness is inspiring someone, who in turn inspires others

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