Not so Morning morning Journal 3/7/22

I just got into an accident.

You know, I won’t be mad at all if its like something that I am not using the car to make a living…

I am pissed now that it is costing me this whole thing. It’s not just a car accident, it’s something that is going to cost me hundreds of dollars.

I mean, yeah, it’s nothing in the long run, because I know that everything will be all good. But right now, at this moment, a few hundred could mean my next rent check.

It’s all good. I get to get over it right now before it gets too much.

I know that I can make it right back, and I know that there’s always more ways to make money doing the things that needs to be done.

I know that no matter what, I can make more. I just need to put my mind into it, put my faith into it, put my spirit into it.

I know that nothing will ever stop me from doing the things that I need to do. Even though it is hard right now, it won’t be harder than this right now.

To live a life that is great, I need to make sure that everything I do is with purpose, with conviction, and with mindset of success, money, abundance, fortune, and prosperity.

With everything going on, all I can really do right now is to put my head down, work, and put my fucking being into the things that I am working on and continue to create, create, create, and create income stream that is so powerful that I can barely imagine what it looks like.


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