Morning Journal 3/28/22

Edward Liu
2 min readMar 28, 2022


Monday. I thought it was Tuesday.

Monday is money because it’s a new week, I get to reset, I get to X out the things that were done last week because that doesn’t matter anymore, except for extracting the lessons from them.

Monday is a day that most people reset and recommit to the things that they want to do. And I think it’s a good setpoint, a good reset point.

It’s a great thing that people use it. And I use it too. But sometimes I feel like the weekly reset is a little too long. Because we can reset our mood, our commitment, and our lives in every moment. So why wait for Monday?

How much of it is just an excuse for people to keep doing what they are doing for the rest of the week?

How much of it is really getting ready to do a hard reset and need to get things ready for it?

And the amount of work that I need to put in to make sure that I am doing this with the right intention… That’s really the deep work that I need to put in.

I am grateful, however, to know that all of the personal development work that I have been putting in has raised my self-awareness to a level that people normally would not be. And that’s something that is going to be extremely important for me in the future for everything.

Self-awareness. It’s so important. Even if you think you have enough self-awareness, go get more. Because you can never understand yourself enough.



Edward Liu

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