Morning Journal 3/26/22

Sometimes I just forget… but that is like absolutely not cool because these are things that I really need to do to get my mindset right and get my brain in the right place. I hope that these things are much better than what has been before.

ADD is definitely something by default something that needs more accountability and more managing. But it’s also a superpower. That’s why it’s more difficult to manage because it is powerful.

Something to keep in mind though, this is more so for me, is that the real love of me comes from within. That’s making time for me, taking care of me from all aspects of cleaning myself, pampering, and all of that all combined. It’s just something that really gets me to feel good. So I can be good to others. It’s just funny how all of that works.

Okay, this is part 2. I read through part 1, and I’m like wtf am I really talking about…?

Hahaha. That’s me though.

I think at the end of the day, there is so much value just to create and create. It’s not about her and how good things that I’m creating, but to keep creating and keep creating.

It’s something that I find interesting because the more I create the more I want to create. And the longer I sit on the sideline, I tend to continue to sit there.

An object in motion stays in motion. Law of physics.

I guess it’s all physics 🤷🏻‍♂️


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