Morning Journal 2/18/22

Days are blending together and it’s not fun for sure. It’s just something that comes along with the different things I’m working on. Even though I know it’s about to explode like it usually would be when I put in this much work into what I am doing.

GaryVee always say to do something you’re passionate about… but why not be passionate about everything that you do?

Yeah there is a natural pull towards the things that make you better and the things that give you more energy. Yeah there’s ways that you can make everything happen in a way where you’re just naturally would be speaking about it nonstop, and it’s uncontrollable.

Let’s think real quick…

Passion is uncontrollable.

If you’re passionate about something you do, that means you’re probably talking about it uncontrollably, blabbing on with whatever you’re doing.

What if… instead of doing what you’re passionate about, you’re passionate about what you do?

Then you’re always going to be talking about the things that you’re working on. And that’s always going to attract the people that you need in business.

You should be working on the things that you’re super passionate about all the time anyways. But doesn’t mean you hate everything you’re working on right now if you’re transitioning from whatever you’re doing to something you’re passionate about.

The tactics are always the best of the best in the world of marketing. But this is the only point that I have against what Gary is saying.

And I took this one from Seth Godin. Which I believe he is much more of a tactic strategies.



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Edward Liu

Edward Liu

Greatness is inspiring someone, who in turn inspires others