Morning Journal 2/1/22

There’s a lot of downtime with this Uber thing. It’s good if I use it correctly and use it to my advantage. But man, I was wasting so much time yesterday doing this BS circling by myself and I am not cool with that.

A lot of the things that I’m gonna do from now NEEDS to be very intentional and it needs to be something that is extremely calculated. It’s something that needs to be very intentional, and have a list of everything that I need to do ready and handy so I can just keep doing these things in my phone. My phone is gonna be my biggest asset, and soon hopefully an iPad that i can use to do all of my business work and making it happen.

Missed the last couple days because I was just not doing what I needed to do for the things that I needed done. It’s just adjusting to the new thing. I know that with Randall, things are gonna look up from there, and it’s something that is really going to be powerful. So it’s gonna be a lotta fun and a lotta good stuff.

Podcast needs to keep going too and I’ll do exactly what I do, share and be transparent. Share the things in my head and just keep talking and telling stories.



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