Morning Journal 1/9/22

Missed a day yesterday. It happens when I need to wake up early and need to get stuff done that usually isn’t there usually to be done. And now I’m back at it.

It’s Sunday. It’s church day. It’s Jesus day. It’s the day that I remind myself to be grateful for the things that I forever have, and that’s the grace and the blessing of Jesus.

Time to do a weekly review too. It’s gonna be a lot of fun this week. Feels like I’ve lived 2022 for a whole year already and it’s been a lot of things that happened already. 2 weeks’ notice, running for the private calls, Arizona soon to learn about money and Trina is about to put her 2 weeks in too from what it seems like.

So many things are already in 2022. And it’s just the 2nd week. And I’m so excited for what’s to come. It’s so much easier to build a business that someone else can help you with. It’s kind of ridiculous that it feels like cheating a little bit.

I’m tired right now. Let’s be honest here. I’m tired because I got home at 2, went to bed at 2:45, and now I’m up and about. With like 5 hours of sleep. I have a feeling everything is going to hurt soon and I’m just gonna crash like crazy.

Podcast, blog posts, social posts, making training videos, and making marketing content. It’s all part of the things that need to be done for the ecosystem if everything. I love that the little bit of thinking and making things intentional. It’s inspiring, and it’s something that shows we really care and we really want the best for the people, not just for the business.

Brain don’t stop thinking about marketing for sure. Trading and knowing the market macros will make me rich as hell, and marketing is gonna make me happy as hell.



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