Morning Journal 1/26/22

It’s early in the morning and I’m awake and getting ready and all that. I know that if I get up at 4 am every day and have my app on by 4:30, I’m gonna get some people calling me at some crazy hours and get some clients. Gonna be busy for sure and that’s really what I’m looking forward to. It’s gonna be a lot of meeting good people and creating some good relationships.

Also, it’s almost February. Wtf happened last month? I know that I need to make everything move faster and better, With videos and with the things that I need to do to make the life I have now to the life that I’m going to have in the future. And this future needs to be a lot better than what I have going on with what I have right now.

I’m committed to making a difference in the face of difficulties. I’m going to make the things that I have better than I can ever make it to be. DMO, content, creating a schedule, making sure that I’m making friends, adding value to the group, providing the crazy-ass thing that I’m usually going to give.

I’m good enough for this, and the only way to prove it is to get results. And the only way to get the results is going to be driving traffic to the things that I’m working on to get the next level results. I see a lot of ads now on Facebook about network marketing and how I can combine the new school and the old school together, and that’s exactly my goal. People are wanting this, so it’s happening for sure for sure.

I’m just thinking about this right now, and it feels great to be doing this. I’m loving it ☺️


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