Morning Journal 1/21/22

You know, for all the times that I have been doing this journal, I’ve always wanted to just get all my thoughts to the paper. When in fact, the thoughts are racing so fast every day, I can only get to parts of it before it is taking way too long.

I hope that I am not the only one that has this problem. It seems like I am sometimes though.

Whether it is because I let my mind flow to the places that it wants to go or the fact that I need to control my ADD again… I don’t know. But I know what I get to get better at is to focus for a long period of time.

I don’t think I have been getting better as of late because I have not been deliberately practicing. I know that I only focus on some things, then go on YouTube and bullshit some other things. I know that I need to create a good habit of focusing on one task at a time and make sure that one task is done to the fullest.

Just like when I first started working out, it seems whatever I do is making progress, but sometimes the progress led to bad habits. And I cannot make that same mistake again. So let me understand how I can focus better and how I can make sure that my focus is 100% whenever I need it to be.

I used to be in the flow state all the time. That’s when I know that I had an assignment that needs to be done, a test that I need to study for, or things like that. I don’t have assignments anymore from professors, nor do I have any tests that I need to study for either.

I just thought of something and totally went that way, without me even noticing… Hey, I caught myself quick this time though. Now I have a pen and notes ready for me to write things down when I think of something.

Anyways, a lot to do, and very little time. I cannot wait to be able to drive Uber, like how everything is planned so I can have a sense of security, with everything that is going on.

I want the best for everyone, but for now, I need to make sure that we are eating, we are going to make things happen, make the money that we need to make, and create something that is sustainable.

Anyways, I feel like I made some mistakes this year already, and I need to make sure that we are covered for finances now and later. And all I want Trina to focus on is to make sure she is taking great care of the WFG business. That’s what is going to get us so much passive income, it will be the end of the financial suffering for all of us, meaning both our families.

God bless. I pray to you.❤️




Greatness is inspiring someone, who in turn inspires others

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Edward Liu

Edward Liu

Greatness is inspiring someone, who in turn inspires others

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