Morning Journal 1/17/22

Well, it’s almost 3 pm. So I should probably not title it the morning journal… But really, I feel like I barely have the energy to breathe, to keep my head on my shoulders, sit straight up, and walk from my desk to the bathroom.

My brain is worse. I have a headache that feels like it is banging something inside of my head, and I have something that drives me nuts or drives the nuts in my head nuts. Or just nuts in general. Like almonds or something… I have not felt this bad in a long time, and I gotta say, this is something that I don’t miss at all. I guess at the end of the day, everyone is gonna get COVID, and I just happen to have it right now and at this moment. I feel like this is a test from God or something, that I get to keep going and I get to continue to make things happen with the life that I want to live, even though I am feeling like less than a penny. Lol.

I know that today is the day that I must make things happen because today is the day that my future self will thank me for. I know that no matter what, I get to live 1 more day, do 1 more video, create 1 more content, record 1 more podcast, focus 1 more minute.

I’ll start my day, or restart my day in the evening. I’ll plan out from 5 to 9 pm, get everything done, and finish up everything there is.

Then I get to pre-plan my day and get my discipline together and work through the pain that I have going on currently. I believe that no matter what happens, if I have a mindset of not making any excuses, then nothing will ever be an excuse for me and nothing will ever be an excuse for anyone. Yes, working hard has its place, resting has its place, and doing both is still available, and doing both is still doable.

Okay, it’s going on for a while now. Focusing has been extremely difficult for me today, whether it is because I have so many things in mind, or just nothing in mind and I lack the discipline to get anything done today, I don’t quite know, and I honestly, don’t quite care. I know that I have the things that I need to do to be done, and I need to create the life that I seriously want to have, and not only do I need to have the life that I need to have, but I must also be able to conquer everything that is in my face, in my way, and in the journey.

I almost forgot… success is about the journey, not the money, fame, wealth, or whatever. It is about the journey of being better every day, getting better every day, more fit, more wealthy, more empathy, more compassion, more productive, more effective, more purposeful, more intentional, more supportive, more of a better person.

The journey is a success. And I am already successful.



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Edward Liu

Edward Liu

Greatness is inspiring someone, who in turn inspires others