Morning Journal 1/16/22

Okay, so I just got back from an event. It’s one of the best events that I went to and it’s one of the most inspiring events that I went to as well.

Today I just want to share some things that we learned from the event and the implementation is so easy and so simple, it is going to be something that I need to always be implementing and always be doing the things that need to be done.

  1. 1 more. When you are at the gym working out, just 1 more rep. When you’re tired and don’t want to get up just 1 more time. When you don’t want to say “I love you”, just say it 1 more time. Because at the end of the day, how much would you pay to just have 1 more word with the one that you love? How badly do you want to have just 1 more minute with someone who just passed away?
  2. The only difference between humans and animals is the ability to imagine. Here’s the reason. Think about dogs, what they do is they are simply really good at being dogs. The things that they do, whether it’s hunting, digging, barking, and doing whatever a dog does, it’s all about a dog being a dog, instinctively. Humans? We are different in this way. What is being human instinctively? It’s to imagine. To imagine the future, or the past, or the things that haven’t been built, or the things that are seemingly impossible. So imagine, imagine to the best of your ability, and this is the instinctively human
  3. God is always first. No matter what. If you are having a hard time, go to God. If you are having a great time, go to God. If you are broke, go to God. If you’re wealthy, go to God. Everything is about God, and everything about the life that we have is all about God. Put Him first.



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Edward Liu

Edward Liu

Greatness is inspiring someone, who in turn inspires others