Journal 5/5/22

I know I am doing the wrong thing sometimes, but I still can’t stop it…

It’s like my emotion is still driving me to make decisions and it does nothing to help me make better decisions.

It’s like I know I am heading in the wrong direction but don’t know how to turn it all around. It’s just like me going for it, knowing that it’s not the right thing to do.

I must master controlling myself right now, or I am going to lose, lose, and keep losing.

I am loving trading because I am seeing the immediate results of my actions, and I love that immediate feedback. I know that I am taking trades that I am not supposed to take, and I am not making the right decisions on when to close them and when to keep them open.

And worse, I am letting my emotion get in the way of things, and that is never good.

I’ve lost enough to understand mentally that this game is all about strategy and logic. Nothing about emotions. But I am also not lost enough where it has really really ingrained that in me?

Hope I am wrong on that. And hope you know that EVERYTHING you do, success is going to come from the moment you understand your emotion, know when to use it, when to put it away, and when to follow the rules that you’ve set for yourself.

Trading is just where I am learning my lesson. Marketing is where I am going to see my results.

And for you, it might be different. But the principle stays the same.



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Edward Liu

Edward Liu

Greatness is inspiring someone, who in turn inspires others