Journal 5/18/22 — Forget Motivation, Start Talking About Discipline

Edward Liu
1 min readMay 18, 2022


So many things to do. Yet today feels like a great day to do none of that…

Photo by Tim De Pauw on Unsplash

This is the problem with motivation. Motivation-driven people do things when motivation is there, but they don’t have much of anything else that brings them to take action.

We cannot be driven by motivation. What we do need to be driven by is discipline.

One of my mentors said that the way to be greater is not to be more motivated than others but to be more disciplined than others.

Jocko preaches the fact that discipline equals freedom.

This means discipline in everything.

Be disciplined in your work so you can be the best while you’re there.

Be disciplined in your rest, because the energy that you get will help you continue to work hard.

Be disciplined with your action, so you can move forward as quickly as you can.

And be disciplined with your thoughts, because thoughts are what create your reality.



Edward Liu

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