Journal 5/16/22

It’s 5:30 pm, and I just started my morning routine.

It sucks that I don’t get to start my routine until now, but it is also a blessing for me to know that I can still do this no matter what time of the day it is.

The morning routine is the start of the day, and I can mark the starting point at any time when there’s a moment. I love that I can do that. And that’s the power of habit, the snowball effect of habits. Because once I complete this task, then another is already in the queue in my muscle memory, I just start doing that.

I once heard someone say something that goes like this — Willpower is good. But the purpose of willpower is to have enough of that so you can build discipline, which builds habits.

We are creatures of habits, and we must understand that our habits are what drive us every moment of life. What habits we have determines the quality of our lives.

Your thoughts are habits too. You must recognize that whenever you think of anything that is negative, you are getting a reward for either being right or triggering the emotion that your body wants.

Then we get to change the habit, trigger a different reward, and build the habit of every time you think of anything bad or negative, you trigger the habit of a deep breath and refocus, then you will actually get the reward that is going to support you in the direction that you need to go.



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