Journal 5/1/22

So tired.

Was at church today, and the message was simple — follow Jesus and let Him be the light.

But you know what I have not been doing? I follow Him, I see the light, but I am not moving towards the light.

It’s like I know where to go, so I explore other ways to go so I can be smarter than everyone else or something. It’s about as dumb as it sounds, so yes, if you’re like “why..?” Guess what, that was me too today.

Lesson for today is simple — know that God is the light, God is the way, follow God, and move with Him.

Now the implementation is going to be the more challenging part. And it’s more than just going for it, or doing it, or knowing what to do. It’s actually doing it.

I love that nothing will stop me from doing all of those things except for me, and I get to continue to push forward with the life that I get to have, and create a life that I get to live.

I’m seeing blurs and doubles now, so I'll get some rest and get the rest of my day going. Remember this lesson, and implement that into your own lives.



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