Journal 4/30/22

Consistency is really the key to everything, isn’t it?

I have not been disciplined enough to be consistent in anything in my life so far. No one has taught me that, and no one has been drilling this down on me. But the consistency and the life that I am looking for is 100% on the other side of discipline.

Maybe Jocko and his stuff are going to be a real-life changer for me…

To have the schedule ready and follow it, follow the plan of the day then execute that plan. It’s the simplest stuff that matters. And simple stuff done repeatedly every day is what makes the difference.

I cannot believe that in all our lives, we’ve been making it more difficult than it has been. I cannot believe that I used to laugh at people who go home at a certain time, do things that they think are important, and create a life that matters to them.

Now, look at me. Doing the same things they used to do… 10 years later… LOL

Anyways. Consistency is the name of the game. That’s going to my affirmations every day for sure.



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