Journal 4/22/22

Trading is good.

Marketing is better.

Biased opinion, lol.

I am still sleeping later than I like and I need to change that. (This is still my journal, so you’re going to get a piece of my life while you get my thoughts, heh.)

Today’s thoughts are really just about how I can continue to build my network marketing business using marketing methods that I’ve been learning.

But while I was thinking of strategies, I realized that all of the strategies that I already know are going to work for every single industry, every brand, and every single thing they sell.


The thing that stops us the most is not the strategies, it is the mindset and how we get better.

So let’s talk about how you evaluate your work…

First off, do you ever go back to your work and read/watch/listen to it? If you don’t, then we need to think about how come you don’t.

If you do go back to your work, what is your immediate reaction?

Is it “Oh yeah it’s good, this is the best thing ever.”

Is it “OMG what was that?”

Is it “Eww…”

Did you even listen to what you said like how you would listen to your best friend? I mean, would you think like that when your best friend talks to you? Probably not right?

This is you putting your emotion in front of the information. That’s not evaluation, that’s judgment. Judgment is putting how you thought you did in respect of how you feel about how you did.

So how to REALLY evaluate?

Go back, listen/watch/read the things that you got. Listen to it like you’re an audience. How was the information presented? Was it presented in a clear way? How was the video quality? How was the environment?

Then go to your results of the video, audio, blog, or whatever you posted. How many likes/comments/shares/views? Check the stats.

Now you’ve gathered all of the information, you can now process a proper evaluation.

Evaluation is putting information first, putting results first, and leaving the emotion out. Evaluation is all about the data, how you can improve the data, get better results, and do better things that need to be done.

I hope this finds you value. I am slowly adjusting from judgment to evaluation, and I gotta say, I am growing faster than I already was, and I have a clearer path to my growth.

Get your evaluation right, and start growing big time!



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