Journal 4/19/22

I need to start sleeping earlier. Sleep needs to be one of my top priorities…

I have not been functioning as I need to be because I know that I am a lot sharper than today’s trading session.

Yes, I am doing some trading as well as marketing, operations, and many different types of management (human, operations, machine, and self-management.)

Life is fun when things start looking the way that it needs to look. And it is perfect as to why we are so fulfilled with everything that we have going on.

With the planning and the amount of work that I am doing, it is only a matter of time for me to see results in the way that I need to see them, and only a matter of time for the 500,000 to come along nicely and just the way that I desired it to be.

Everything happens for a reason, and I believe that. It’s a matter of creating with God, that the reason becomes better than anything else that we can think of. God is the source of all good, all greatness, and all power; therefore I can give my weakness, sins, and everything else that does not serve me to Him, and He will get rid of all those for me. And I thank Him every day for that.


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