Journal 5/24/22 — Combining the Best of Both Artist And Scientist

Edward Liu
1 min readMay 24, 2022


It seems like people are separating artists and scientists into completely opposite categories… That’s like saying that a computer scientist can’t be a good musician.

Artists are creatives. Scientists are analytics. They’re two different skills, but they’re not mutually exclusive.

Artists thrive at creating things, thinking of new ideas, and being curious to ask questions.

Scientists thrive at logical thinking, analyzing ideas, and finding answers to questions.

When you put both of them together, you get people like:

  • Seth Godin uses the art of marketing to answer the questions of making the world better
  • Elon Musk uses creative thinking to solve the world energy problem
  • Steve Jobs thought of the new idea of putting everything together to help people have more minor things in their pockets.

Use the artist in you to find a problem, think of new ideas, and create new frontiers.

Use the scientist in you to solve that problem, analyze that idea, and build something remarkable.



Edward Liu

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