Morning Journal 1/12/22

I feel so rushed this morning it’s a little ridiculous. I know that nothing can stop me from doing what I need to do, but damn, driving 2 hours in the morning… Right away?! To get something that I forgot, and that is important?! Geez. I don’t want to do this ever again kind of thing.

Anyways, almost time to get ready to get my buttocks to Arizona, get ready for the event, and make sure that all that needs to be done to my mindset will be done to my mindset. I know that my mindset needs to be constantly upgraded and updated. Leveling up is about the only thing that really matters and really the only thing that is on my mind right now.

The last day is next week. And I am not exactly excited about it, but I know that nothing is stopping me from being excited about it. I just know that I have been working too much about the now, and I am not working enough about the future. Meaning I have been trying to make some more spare change, some more money to spend, but I am not focusing on building my brand and my business for the last few weeks. This is where everything needs to end in a way because it is so crucial for me to build something that is of an asset class, then take that to another level every day, and grow a community full of people who care about the community.

I know that at the end of the day, I can only make the best out of everything that I am dealt with. And I also know that God deals me a great hand of cards that I need to play it to the expectation of Him, and not me. Yeah, I know people are telling me to go do this and go do that, then go to Vegas, go have fun, and yeah yeah I know I keep saying no, because I know what I am building to, and I know that nothing like that will ever make me a better entrepreneur or businessman. I know that the only way to succeed, in my definition, is to work hard, work smart, work with purpose, work with the best intention for people, and work with full 1000% enthusiasm.

Even if that looks different for everyone else, the way I work is just that. The way I work is just to make sure not only do I cover all grounds, I also get my ass together to help people to help themselves to be better. Then the cycle goes on. I must get myself together, and then help others do the same. Or else nothing I do is going to work ever. Because God put me as the messenger, and if the messenger is not in the best shape to deliver the message, then no one will hear God’s words in an inspiring, purposeful, and best way.

I must take care of me, and deliver the best message there is, for Him.



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