Morning Journal 4/6/22

Good trading session today. The only loss that I took was the one that I got greedy on.

Anyways. Today has been a day that I have been thinking…

Edward, what does he do?

He is learning marketing, and putting all of that into use. In his business or in his life. Either way, it’s really the thing that is driving me right now and making everything happen.

I’m passionate about driving the world to a better place, using the power of influence and marketing.

So now, what’s stopping me from making this journey available for everyone? Starting at literally no projects, no experience, and nothing to show for besides some of my own projects that I have going on.

And see where I can go with this, and see what’s going on.

Anyways. Edward Learns Marketing is gonna be live soon. And I’ll need to make sure I find the time to make this work and get this thing going. It’s gonna be good and gonna be so much fun.



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