3 Lessons That Can Make Your Life Easier

I was showing up extremely inconsistently for the last few weeks.

There’s a reason for it, I swear… But I won’t bore you with it. Because these life adjustments can bring valuable lessons, let’s talk about those instead!


Seems simple enough, yet there are a lot of us who are still thinking about how we can figure everything out and do it all ourselves.

Last few weeks, I was moving to a new place, working a bunch to make sure we have enough, trying to get everything done all on my own with my businesses and things that I got going on… I had a list of 700 things that needs to be done. It finally clicked until one of my mentors straight up said to me “why are you trying to do everything by yourself?! You’re going to be burnt out!”

And burnt out I was. So I stopped doing that! I re-evaluated my to-do list, eliminated the work that doesn’t need to be done, delegated the work that can be done by someone else, and focused on the work that matters and only you can do!


While I was trying to do everything on my own, I was being a control freak. Meaning I wanted to do everything and do it my way.

But if I do that, then I am taking away from the time I can be doing other stuff — like creating content, making money, and creating what needs to be created for the team.

So I decided to let someone take care of the move, let someone else take care of the actual posting, let someone else take care of the puppy training, and leave myself with only revenue-generating activities.

Now you are more focused on a smaller number of tasks and the people that are involved can lead and execute as needed.


Transitions are not the easiest things sometimes. Moving from one place to another can be hectic physically, mentally, and emotionally. I knew that, but I didn’t accept it. For the first few days, I was doing everything else that I was doing, plus the moving, the adjustments, the new business, and sleeping on the floor.

Now if you think I was crazy, I 1000% agree with you. Because at that time, I was not getting enough rest, my energy level is super low, and I was not happy WHAT.SO.EVER.

It’s OK to adjust, do all you can for now. Hence I stopped posting and creating content for a little bit because I am getting the hang of my new schedule, getting used to working with more people, and settling into the new place. In the short term, that was not the best decision, but in the long term, this is just a temporary pause that won’t have any relevance in 2 years. So I was completely OK with this.


These are just the lessons that I learned from moving from one place to another. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, and everything happens with a learning experience. This is why I am able to extract so much just from something that seems just like another day of life.

Anyways, are any of these relevant to you? Are these some of the lessons that you need to learn too?

Let me know in the comments, and let me know what you think!



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